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I'm not perfect and I've given up trying to be. Also not looking for perfection in a date or partner. I am learning to surrender to what is, to be in the now and to seek love and happiness before all else. I am breezy, curious and creative. I love adventure and seek new experiences, yet can be comfortable in my routines as well. Life with me is rarely dull. I am ever exploring new territory and trying new things. I share my chocolate, love to cuddle, welcome PDAs, and make a mean shrimp and grits. I cry at sappy movies, laugh out loud and can't carry a tune. Dancing is my favorite exercise. Gardening is my favorite meditation. Please don't message me because you liked my picture. I am much more than my appearance, as I'm sure are you. If you have read my profile and something resonates with you, then by all means, please reach out.

What I am looking for

What would I consider to be a wonderful woman ? Someone who is funny, romantic, warm, charming, conversant, energetic, interesting, thoughtful, nice-looking, open, and emotionally-available. A generous, helpful, protective attitude would be a plus. An interest in any of the following pastimes or subjects would be great: dancing, boating, cycling, reading, writing, traveling, restoring homes, developing real estate, sporting events (includes watching on TV), music, musical events, psychology, education, personal growth, nature, photography, poetry, literature, history or the arts. All that said, chemistry, character, conversational skills, and the ability to make a meaningful connection are what matter the most to me.