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I think all the other stuff pretty much sums it up.. anything more specific you are just gonna have to ask. One thing I want to mention -- and I certainly don't mean to sound conceded or mean, but if you are thinking about a "serious relationship" then you are gonna have to be in Alabama. I am have lived her for 36 years and I have many roots here and DON'T plan on going anywhere!
HighSchool: J O Johnson High School
Music: COUNTRY COUNTRY COUNTRY! Ok.. so mostly Blue Grass. I am an old fashioned girl and LOVE the old country.. Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty .. etc
TV: Law and Order; Criminal Intent... NCIS ... Heroes ... Boston Legal ... Prison Break... CSI .... I think there is a kinda a pattern here!
Books: Stephen King!!!! True stories... Murder Mysteries, Horror Novels... I REALLY enjoyed Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons... and of course... the greatest book ever written the Bible. :) (by the way, in case anyone was wondering, I am well aware that Da Vinci Code is fiction and I KNOW that it has nothing to do with the holy scriptures.
Sports: NASCAR -- Jimmie Johnson BABY! Going for 6th Championship! WAR EAGLE! Love UFC and Elite fights
Interests: easy to please.. know alot about a little and a little about a lot! LOL
Movies: nothing like a good scary movie.. True Stories and ANYTHING with Vincent D'Onofrio
WhatImInto: Working to become a better Christian... Of course that is an ongoing project.... Other than that my kids take up all my time.
MyBestFeatures: Been told my eyes.. but I guess it depends on what you are into huh?
BestFeatures: My hair....
MyDreams: no dreams really. I am a happy person. The Lord has given me tremendous gifts and I am truly blessed. Of course if He sees fit to send Vincent D'Onofrio my way, I would NOT complain.
Dreams: some beach, some where......

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